chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField Class Reference

This class implements a force algorithms for handling all haptic effects associated with objects. More...

#include <CAlgorithmPotentialField.h>

Inheritance diagram for chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField:

Public Member Functions

 cAlgorithmPotentialField ()
 Constructor of cAlgorithmPotentialField. More...
virtual ~cAlgorithmPotentialField ()
 Destructor of cAlgorithmPotentialField. More...
void initialize (cWorld *a_world, const cVector3d &a_initialPos)
 This method initializes the algorithm by passing the start position of the haptic device. More...
virtual cVector3d computeForces (const cVector3d &a_toolPos, const cVector3d &a_toolVel)
 This method computes the next force given the updated position of the haptic device. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chai3d::cGenericForceAlgorithm
 cGenericForceAlgorithm ()
 Constructor of cGenericForceAlgorithm. More...
virtual ~cGenericForceAlgorithm ()
 Destructor of cGenericForceAlgorithm. More...
cWorldgetWorld ()
 This method returns a pointer to the world in which the force algorithm is operating. More...
void setShowEnabled (bool a_showEnabled)
bool getShowEnabled ()

Public Attributes

cInteractionRecorder m_interactionRecorder
 Interaction recorder. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void render (cRenderOptions &a_options)
 This method renders the force algorithms graphically in OpenGL. (For debug purposes) More...

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_IDN
 Identification number for this force algorithm object. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chai3d::cGenericForceAlgorithm
 Pointer to the world in which the force algorithm operates. More...
bool m_showEnabled
 If true then the graphic display mode is enabled. More...

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned int m_IDNcounter = 0
 Static IDN counter for all algorithms of this class. More...

Detailed Description

This class implements a force algorithms for handling all haptic effects (cGenericEffect)associated with objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::cAlgorithmPotentialField ( )

Constructor of cAlgorithmPotentialField.

virtual chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::~cAlgorithmPotentialField ( )

Member Function Documentation

void chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::initialize ( cWorld a_world,
const cVector3d a_initialPos 

Reimplemented from chai3d::cGenericForceAlgorithm.

cVector3d chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::computeForces ( const cVector3d a_toolPos,
const cVector3d a_toolVel 

This method computes forces for all haptic effects associated with the objects includes in the world and the haptic tool handled by this algorithms.

a_toolPosPosition of tool.
a_toolVelVelocity of tool.

Reimplemented from chai3d::cGenericForceAlgorithm.

virtual void chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::render ( cRenderOptions a_options)

Reimplemented from chai3d::cGenericForceAlgorithm.

Member Data Documentation

cInteractionRecorder chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::m_interactionRecorder
unsigned int chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::m_IDN
unsigned int chai3d::cAlgorithmPotentialField::m_IDNcounter = 0

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