chai3d::cRenderOptions Struct Reference

This structures provide a containers for storing rendering options that are passed through the scenegraph when rendering the world. (For internal OpenGL use). More...

#include <CRenderOptions.h>

Public Attributes

 Pointer to the current camera from which the scene is being rendered. More...
bool m_single_pass_only
 Is set to true if the scene is rendered in a single pass only (Scene with no transparent objects) More...
bool m_render_opaque_objects_only
 When using multiple rendering passes, set to true to render opaque objects only. More...
bool m_render_transparent_front_faces_only
 When using multiple rendering passes, set to true to render front faces of transparent objects only. More...
bool m_render_transparent_back_faces_only
 When using multiple rendering passes, set to true to render back faces of transparent objects only. More...
bool m_enable_lighting
 If true, then enabled light sources are activated. More...
bool m_render_materials
 If true then material properties are rendered. More...
bool m_render_textures
 If true then texture properties are rendered. More...
bool m_creating_shadow_map
 If true then this means that a depth map is being rendered for shadow casting. More...
bool m_rendering_shadow
 If true, then shadows are being rendered if enabled. More...
double m_shadow_light_level
 Intensity of the shadow when used. (0.0 - 1.0) More...
bool m_storeObjectPositions
 If true, the position and orientation of objects are copied in temporary matrices for next rendering passes. More...
bool m_markForUpdate
 If true, then reset OpenGL display lists and texture objects. More...

Detailed Description

cRenderOptions provides a description about the options and entities that need to be rendered in the world during a rendering pass.

Member Data Documentation

cCamera* chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_camera
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_single_pass_only
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_render_opaque_objects_only
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_render_transparent_front_faces_only
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_render_transparent_back_faces_only
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_enable_lighting
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_render_materials
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_render_textures
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_creating_shadow_map
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_rendering_shadow
double chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_shadow_light_level
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_storeObjectPositions
bool chai3d::cRenderOptions::m_markForUpdate

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