normal Using chai3d for audio

16 Feb 2016 08:37 #1

Hello everybody,

thanks again for the help last time. At the moment I am trying to expand the V-Rep plugin to be capable of 3D audio. How I understand the audo capabilities of chai3d I mainly need 2 things:

1. Audiosource: I want to attach the source to different scene object. I try to implement that in a similar way to other haptic objects in the current plugin.

2. Audiodevice (listener): So far I figurered out that the listener must be attached to a camera. That's why I try to attach the camera to my V-Rep camera. Here is my main problem, I am not sure how to do this.

Is this approach in general possible? Do you even think about implementing audio for V-Rep yourself?

Thanks a lot,

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18 Feb 2016 20:54 #2

The approach that you describe is correct and you should be able, without much trouble, to assign sound properties to the different mesh objects in the scene.

As for the listener, it is attached to the camera so that the correct 3D sound effect can be computed. In practice that means that the sound is distributed to the left and right loudspeakers according to the location of the interaction.

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