unanswered Render custom object this VAO

17 May 2022 17:42 #1

Hi everyone.
I am trying to create a new Object class derived de cMesh as it does cVoxelObject.
I am trying to render in a different way that it use to , using VAO binding and glDrawArrays(), and custom shaders.
Buffers are filled from float pointers of triangles and normals, that are created procedurally via computer shader.
Surpise that everything works,.. but cant render all the chai3d regular objects if a call my draw funtion before camera->renderView().
So i expand cMesh->render and override the virtual funtion as is describe esle where in the documentation.
After my call i unbind vertexarray and glprogram, but nothing , my object is not render but all the chai3d objects yes.
I am little stuck at this point, and reading stuff about rendering multiple objects in opengl, but nothing is very clear.
Do you have any advise?
Thank you .

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