unanswered Get interaction point and Force b/w ODE objects.

13 Apr 2017 22:46 #1


Below description is regarding "ODE-dental" example provided by chai3D.

Since ODETool can interact with ODETeeth at any point on the ODETool surface (not necessarily forces are generated at the haptic point). I am trying to display(print) interacting point and force between ODETool and ODETeeth.

I tried adding these lines of code in update haptics function. But it seems the printed values aren't correct.

void updateHaptics(void)

  // ODETool->m_interactionPoint;
  // ODETeeth->m_interactionNormal;
  cout<< tool->m_interactionNormal << endl;

I understand that ODETool and Tool are connected by a virtual spring and there is always force acting on the ODETool because of this.

Is there a way to get interaction point & Forces between ODETool and ODETeeth?

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