normal I have a question about CHAI3D examples.

14 Oct 2017 07:03 #1

Hi, I'm UiKyun Na from Republic of Korea.

chai3d is interesting program.

I have install chai3d-3.2.0-VisualStudio.

I use your program(CHAI3D) but, I have a question about examples.

I read your documentation ( ), and test about creating an application.

In your documentation, they make a CHAI3D/examples/GLUT/13-primitives, but In my folder, I can not found GLUT folder In my computer.

so, I use GLFW/13-primitives, and test my application. but In my computer, they apper error. how to use this examples?

thank you.

Best regards,

UK Na.

p.s) I have setting following your documentation. and My visual studio version is 2013.


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07 Nov 2017 19:38 #2

Hey UiKyun Na,

well in my Chai directory there is no GLUT folder either.
There is one in /Templates but I think it has nothing to do with the examples.

The folder structure you said does not exist btw.
When you have made the folder structure like in the tutorial, it should be like this:


This is the project you are looking for. Maybe you were trying to find "GLUT" where is no GLUT but a "GLFW" instead.

Now, the important part: What errors do you get?

p.s: The Visual Studio version doesn't matter. I'm coding with 2017 and it's working.

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