normal How to use Geomagic TOUCH X to control the robot i

19 Apr 2017 13:49 #7

There is a problem when I used Touch X to control the robot in V-REP a year later.
Here are the steps I have completed,
1.install Geomagic Touch DeviceDriver(2016.1.1) and OpenHaptics Developer(v3.4.0). chai3d-3.2.0-multiplatform.
3.Compile the corresponding C ++ project(CHAI3D-V-REP-VS2015:Release Win32)
4.Copy the corresponding files(v_repExtCHAI3D.dll,hdPhantom32.dll and other 8 files) to V-REP base installation(C:\Program Files\V-REP3\V-REP_PRO_EDU). the VREP scene (V-REP-Pioneer.ttt)
The result show that--'CHAI3D plugin was not found,or was not correctly initialized(v_repExtCHAI3D.dll)'
And the other examples provided by CHAI3D-VS2015.sln can work well.
How can I solve this problem?Thank you very much!

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