Frequently Asked Questions

Haptic Devices

Why is my Phantom haptic device not detected?

Make sure that the drivers and the OpenHaptics SDK are correctly installed on your computer. Use the demonstration applications provided by 3D Systems to verify if your device is calibrated and correctly operating.

How can I use two Phantom devices with CHAI3D?

Only the Windows drivers can support multiple Phantom devices. In order to configure a second device, please review the installation chapter about 3D System.

Why is my Novint Falcon haptic device not detected?

Support for the Novint Falcon requires installing the drivers from Force Dimension. please review the installation chapter for more information.

Can CHAI3D support my custom made haptic device?

If you have designed your own haptic device, you can easily interface it to CHAI3D by completing the template found in file src/devices/CMyCustomDevice.h/.cpp Simply follow the instructions included in the template.


How to upgrade from CHAI3D 2.0 to 3.0?

We suggest that you carefully review the many new examples provided with the framework as these demonstrate how to use all the latest functionalities. Earlier examples found in CHAI3D 2.0 have also been ported to the latest version, and therefore these examples will give you a good idea on how to update your code.

Why is my application crashing when rendering graphics?

First check that the OpenGL drivers have been correctly installed on your computer. For that we suggest that you review the chapter about the installation.

CHAI3D 3.0 also relies on the GLEW library (OpenGL), and therefore it is important to always initialize GLEW at the beginning of you application by calling glewInit(). Check the examples and templates for more information.

Is CHAI3D supported under Qt or .NET?

Yes Qt and .NET are supported. While all examples have been written using FreeGLUT, we have included templates for Qt and .NET as well. These can be found in the ./templates directory.

Is CHAI3D free?

The latest version of CHAI3D is free and is released under the BSD license. Please note that if you are planning to commercialize your application, you are responsible for not infringing on any patents owned by third party companies or academic institutions.

Can I contribute to CHAI3D?

Yes of course! If you have found some bugs, improved the documentation, or perhaps developed a new module, please contact us. (


Where can I find documentation about CHAI3D?

The best way to learn about CHAI3D is to read the HTML documentation and to review the exhaustive collection of examples that come with the framework.

Is professional support available for CHAI3D?

Yes, professional support for CHAI3D is provided by Force Dimension (